BCS Strata Management

BCS Strata Management is proud to be the market leader in the Australian strata, body corporate, owners corporation and community title management industry, with 20 regional offices spanning the eastern seaboard.

For over 40 years we have been providing our clients – Owners Corporations and Bodies Corporate with secure and stable management services with professional expert advice on the establishment and maintenance of strata and community title schemes. Our approachable team are ready and able to assist you with secretariat, administration, insurance, compliance, maintenance, by-laws, issue resolution and development consultancy services.


Latest News

We take NSW legislation changes seriously to ensure you’re protected

The PICA Group has been proactively responding to the changes to NSW legislation for two years in advance of it being introduced. You can rest assured you’re protected by Australia’s... Read More »

End of an era with Greg Haywood, PICA Group CEO announcing his retirement

PICA Group CEO, Greg Haywood, today announced his retirement following 14 years with the company. Current PICA Group Chairman, Greg Nash, will replace Mr Haywood as PICA Group CEO and Managing... Read More »

Stronger laws needed to stamp out overcrowding

Stronger laws are required to stamp out illegal overcrowding issues in Sydney apartment buildings according to Australia’s leading strata management company. While supportive of the efforts... Read More »

Latest Blog Posts

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The safety checklist for your rental

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