Community Utilities

As the market leader in strata management, we are always seeking new ways to deliver greater value to our clients. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce our new service Community Utilities.

Partnering with electricity cost management experts, Community Utilities is now able to deliver significant electricity cost savings to all eligible Owners Corporations in New South Wales. These savings can also be on-sold to individual lot occupiers – a real win-win scenario, where energy costs are escalating annually.

Both BCS and non-BCS clients are welcome to use the Community Utilities service, dependent on meeting annual electricity consumption criteria.

Benefits of using Community Utilities services:

  • Lower priced utilities for eligible Owners Corporations
  • Potential of lower priced utilities for ALL lot occupants
  • Ease of arranging utility contracts through our experienced partner- Eutility
  • Smooth administration and clear billing process
  • Rebates arranged for eligible pensioners

Community Utilities partners with Eutility

Eutility are broker energy experts who are geared towards working with national businesses to reduce utility costs. Community Utilities and Eutility’s partnership allows Eutility to prepare recommendations and organise tenders for our clients FREE OF CHARGE. All the technical work is done for you!

Eutility receives a commission as a utility broker from retailers, but is not aligned to any one particular retailer. Once a utility contract for common property is established, the Owners Corporation may elect to share the new lower pricing with all lot occupiers. In this event, the Owners Corporation becomes a utility ‘retailer’, and can set the tariff for on-charging to lot owners and tenants. Savings can be shared for ALL utility use on the property - including private lots.

Community Utilities Workflow

We arrange tenders with energy retailers free of charge, and work with expert energy consultants E-utility, to source the lowest tariffs possible.

The process of arranging a new utility contract is very easy, as presented below:

Community Utilities can also assist in setting up a ‘user pays’ water consumption billing system and assist with gas metering for schemes in New South Wales.

For further information email us at or call 1300 694 038 to speak with the Community Utilities Manager:  Frank Boezeman.