The safety checklist for your rental

2 Feb 2015

Security is vital for any property, but especially your rental.

While an electric fence or swipe card access may be extreme solutions, a secure rental often leads to secure tenants. We spoke to Assured Building Management’s Simon Paxton, who says a safety checklist is a great way to ensure your property is secure.

Lock in the basics

Although many aspects of security are common sense, Paxton often sees landlords overlooking the basics such as fixing window latches and door locks, especially in older houses. This is one of the biggest frustrations for tenants, who will even leave if the property does not meet basic safety requirements. Paxton says it’s important to:

  • Check all window and door locks at each inspection.
  • Make sure bathroom and laundry windows can be left opened safely for ventilation.
  • Ensure any external high windows are maintained.
  • Consider changing locks at the start of new tenancies.

Do your groundwork

Colour schemes and large bedrooms may be at the top of most renters’ lists, but the surrounding areas and shared facilities provide piece of mind when it comes to safety. Tenants will always consider the following before signing a lease agreement:

  • Is the street well lit? This is particularly important to tenants who park on the street.
  • Is there CCTV or security cameras around the premises?
  • Is the buildings’ common property kept in good order?

Does the building have a caretaker to help and assist?

Switch on safety

Most electrical switches in a rental will be used every day. Faulty electrical switches are a common cause of fire and broken sockets should be fixed immediately. Before a new tenant moves in make sure you:

  • Check all switches for cracks or lose fittings.
  • Check all appliances are working and can be operated safely.

Ensure there are enough sockets throughout the property to avoid overloading the existing outlets.

Simon strongly recommends landlords produce a comprehensive entry condition report that details any safety concerns, and to work with your tenants and respond to their enquires reasonably and within a timely manner.


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