BCS Strata Management recommend every Executive Committee representing a strata or community title scheme obtain periodic insurance valuations.

In New South Wales, Section 85 of the Strata Schemes Act 1996 requires a building valuation to be obtained at least once every five years.

As society becomes more litigious, protecting assets has increasingly become a priority for strata and community title owners. BCS offers access to a multitude of competitive insurance packages, which leverage long-term relationships, developed with strata specific insurance agencies in NSW and which deliver cost savings to our clients.

Insurance Claims

BCS operates a dedicated Insurance Department, which prepares and lodges all insurance claims, follows through with any claims made and ensures the schemes are reimbursed for payments outlayed in the first instance, for insurable work.

Following lodgement of a claim, BCS will work in conjunction with an insurance underwriter, an appointed assessor, trades people, engineers, architects (if required) and the Executive Committee to rectify damage caused by an insurable event as quickly as possible.