Smart Strata Fact Sheets - NSW

Asbestos Management

New legislative provisions related to asbestos commenced on 1 January 2012. These provisions are part of The Work Health and Safety (WH&S) legislation that contains a requirement ...

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Building Defects

The Home Building Amendment Act 2011 became law on 25 October 2011 having been rushed through Parliament with little debate. There are wide sweeping changes through this amending legislation ...

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Community Hub

BCS's Community Hub is an online web portal designed to allow you access to your building’s strata information at any time and from anywhere. Resident owners, investment owners and committee members can benefit from immediate, secure and easy access ....

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Levy Arrears Payment Plan

To avoid the possibility of interest and collection fees being charged, you should contact your Strata Manager as soon as you become aware of any problem that would prevent you paying your levy by the due date...

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Financial Statements

What should the owners corporation’s financial statements look like? The answer that follows in this fact sheet was provided as part of advice to our company by a specialist lawyer...

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Notice period for meetings

The required notice period for a meeting is prescribed in the legislation. For the first
Annual General Meeting (AGM), notice must be served on each owner, first mortgagee and covenant chargee shown on the strata roll at least 14 days...

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Online Invoice Approval (OIA)

BCS’s Online Invoice Approval (OIA) system is an invoice management and processing solution run by an electronic workflow, which replaces manual handling and paper-based invoice approval. OIA...

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A proxy form allows an owner to have their vote recorded should they be unable to attend a general meeting in person for whatever reason. To ensure the proxy form is valid there are specific legislative requirements...

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Types of Resolutions

An owners corporation must pass a resolution at a duly convened meeting to authorise an act or transaction unless the transaction is required by legislation...

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Voting rights on behalf of a deceased owner

From time-to-time we encounter situations where a relative of a deceased owner seeks to attend a meeting and vote in relation to motions on the agenda as though they have the rights of the deceased lot owner...

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New provisions for window locks

Effective from 1st May 2013, there are new provisions in the National Construction Code that require new windows to be fitted either with a device to restrict bedroom windows in residential buildings from opening...

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NEW Swimming Pool Legislation

A Bill was passed in October 2012 to amend the Swimming Pools Act 1992 adding a requirement for swimming pools to be registered and making Local Councils responsible for instituting an inspection program...

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The National Broadband Network

NBN Co has been established to co-ordinate the installation to properties, including all strata properties throughout Australia...

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All meetings, whether they are Annual General Meetings (AGM), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) or Executive Committee Meetings must have a quorum present to be able to conduct any of the business on the meeting notice paper...

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