Commercial Strata

Commercial Strata Management uses the same legislative NSW Strata Scheme Management Act 1996 as Residential Strata Schemes, Community Title and Mixed Use, but as the scheme is used for commercial business it has other issues that you need to be aware of when managing the strata for commercial schemes such as Work Health & Safety of the premises and common property.

BCS Strata Management with its 40 years of experience and being a market leader in strata management has a number of commercial portfolios it manages in NSW. We provide proactive solutions in managing commercial strata according to the unique needs of the schemes.

BCS has the most experienced and professional managers who understand the importance of a well administered commercial building and its direct impact on employees and new business opportunities. Our strata managers with commercial knowledge provide expert advice, personalised sevice and guidance in suggesting possible solutions to maintain and manage the commercial property effectively.

As your commercial strata manager, BCS can help you achieve peace of mind by improving your business image and keeping your environment immaculate so that it appreciates in value.

What we can offer:

  • Expertise of a market leader with over 40 years experience in commercial strata management
  • In-depth experience, local knowledge and understanding of all commercial building and strata matters
  • It's not just knowing the legislation and rules of commercial strata but BCS provides expert guidance and sound advice too
  • We offer round the clock emergency maintenance service through our Community After Hours call centre
  • Local proximity to your scheme with local staff to provide personalised strata service
  • Local Office can offer tailor made solutions to manage your unique needs
  • We offer advanced technology, best practice processes and systems
  • Through Community Health & Safety we offer a practical solution to minimise risk to your scheme
  • Our bulk buying power can offer the best rates available using our strata specialists for banking, insurance and brokerage services
  • Our Community Select online directory provides access to exclusive database of certified, insured and reliable property contractors for cost effective maintenance and repairs
  • We pay suppliers and contractors promptly
  • Accurate and up-to-date financial reporting with complete transparency and online access to records
  • We offer a value added approach that delivers maximum value to your building whilst reducing outgoing expenses
  • We have professional indemnity insurance of $20 million
  • Professional and certified strata managers supported by a dedicated support team responsible to your scheme who are polite, courteous and responsive in communication