Retirement Villages

Some retirement villages in NSW are set up as strata schemes. Both the Retirement Villages Act 1999 and the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 apply to strata retirement villages. The Acts operate side by side, with neither one taking priority over the other in most circumstances.

The main differences between strata retirement villages and other types of villages are that, in a strata village, the owners corporation is responsible for maintenance of the common property and individual residents are responsible for the capital items they own in their unit. In other, non-strata, villages, the operator maintains the capital items that do not belong to residents.

As there are two sets of Acts involved in the strata management of retirement villages there is a need to simplify and streamline the process for  owners corporation and the residents of a strata retirement village. BCS with its 40 years of experience in the strata industry has currently a number of retirement villages under its management. That means we have qualified and experience strata managers who are experts in this property type and understand its complexities to provide professional strata management.

The real benet of working with a market leader like BCS is 'the peace of mind' which comes with us managing your strata needs.

What we can offer:

  • Expertise of a market leader with over 40 years experience in strata management
  • ln-depth experience, local knowledge and understanding of all building and strata matters
  • Its not just knowing the legislation and rules of strata but BCS provides expert guidance and excellent support as well
  • BCS is nancially stable, secure and is one of the most reputable in the strata profession
  • Professional and certied strata managers supported by a dedicated support team responsible to your scheme
  • Access to Community Hub - an online portal that offers easy access to all your building administration anytime and anywhere
  • Online Invoice Approval system allows you to review, approve or reject supplier Invoices and gives you control and transparency
  • Through Community Health & Safety we offer a practical solution to minimise risk to your scheme
  • Our Community Select online directory provides access to exclusive database of certied, insured and reliable property contractors
  • We offer round the clock emergency maintenance service through our Community After Hours call centre
  • Accurate and up to-date nancial reporting with complete transparency and online access to records
  • Trust Accounts managed to the highest trust accounting standards by professional and qualied Accounting department
  • The BCS team structure ensures continuity of service, with a professional strata manager and their support team at all times