For Compliance Management

Compliance & Legal Solutions

Our expertise includes guidance on legislation and by-laws, issue by-laws, breach notices, liaison with law firms on drafting of by-laws, assisting with mediation and resolution of disputes.

We also have an in-house expert on strata disputes for Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) matters and are the only strata management company that maintains an extensive database of legislation and case studies.

Expert guidance and specialist supplier liaison is also available to help ensure your building is compliant in important areas such as safety, fire and insurance.

Contract Procurement & Compliance Management

BCS Strata Management can assist as required with contract reviews and procurement of services, with:

  • Assessment of the property to determine areas of operational risk management and the current status of service agreements
  • Inviting expressions of interest from service providers based on scope of works
  • Maintaining a Planned Preventative Maintenance system established for each service contract at the property
  • Maintaining a Certificate of Insurance expiration tracking system to ensure contractor insurance compliance through Community Select
  • Providing comprehensive analysis of operational issues including the evaluation of costs and criticality of repairs, upgrades and expenditure
  • Review of tenant-managed contracts and processes to comply with regulations
  • Providing owners and agents with a copy of the registered By-Laws.

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