For Strata Management

Proactive Solution Approach

BCS is a market leader with over 40 years of experience in Australia providing professional strata service, knowledge and expert advice in strata and community title management in New South Wales.

BCS offers a comprehensive suite of services that comply with prescribed various legislative regime of New South Wales. In addition we also provide unique additional services to further help in effectively managing your scheme and enhancing community living.

BCS have a proven record of assisting owners corporations with properties ranging in size from 2 to over 750 lots. From our experience in strata management we have learnt that every strata scheme is unique and has its own requirements. We are able to tailor solutions to meet your unique needs when designing a strata management solution for your owners corporation.

We will listen to and assist your committee in the decision making process, whilst being firm with guidance to help them reach effective solutions based on current legislation. In consultation with our clients we are constantly refining and developing those unique additional services that provide you with the benefits of receiving value for your money.

We offer a comrehensive suite of expert services in the areas of:

Value Added Additional Services include:

  • Community Hub – an online web portal service allowing clients access to their property and Owners Corporation information via a secure login.
  • Community Select – an online register of approved and accredited professional service providers.
  • Community After Hours – an after hours emergency call centre service to attend to repair issues after business hours and during holidays.
  • Community Health & Safety – a service that offers committee members and owners a practical solution to minimise the risks to their scheme.
  • Community Utilities – a service that is able to deliver significant cost savings on electricity, gas and water for strata and community title schemes.
  • Community Lifestyle Magazine – a free online digital magazine with news and up-to-date information on strata management
  • Kemps Petersons Receivables – an in-house debt collection service.