For Utilities Management

Community Utilities is a solution we offer that is able to deliver significant electricity cost savings to all eligible Owners Corporations in NSW.

Community Utilities can arrange to tender for the lowest price electricity tariff on behalf of Owners Corporation. Community Utilities can also assist in setting up a 'user pays' water consumption billing system for schemes, and assist with gas metering.

Benefits of using Community Utilities:

  • Lower priced utilities for eligible Owners Corporation
  • Potential of lower priced utilities for ALL lot occupants
  • Ease of arranging utility contracts through our experienced energy expert partner
  • Smooth administration and clear billing process
  • Rebates arranged for eligible pensioners

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

Saving energy around your home is the best way to keep electricity bills in check.

Top tips to save energy at home:

  1. Switch off second fridge
  2. Set air conditioners to 24 degrees in summer or better still - use ceiling fans instead
  3. Use a low-flow showerhead to save hot water and energy
  4. Switch appliances off at the wall to cut out standby power
  5. Install energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs

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