Management team

Having an effective leadership team is instrumental in creating a business that is relevant today and into the future.  Leading the Body Corporate Services team is:

Senior Business Development Manager, Jane-Ann Giacobbe

Jane-Ann Giacobbe has worked in the owners corporation industry for over 13 years as the Licensee in Charge of a national owners corporation management company and as a Licensed Senior Owners Corporation Manager. She has been responsible for overseeing the set up and management of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed-use strata schemes as well as community associations.

Working closely with all staff, Jane always ensures that current legislation is understood and complied with by her team and clients. Demonstrating her exceptional communication skills, Jane has implemented continuous improvement training for staff and has enhanced the learning outcomes across the teams within the office. As a result, Jane has built incredibly strong relationships nationally and a reputation as an engaging, ethical and knowledgeable owners corporation specialist.

Jane brings her experience and strong relationship skills into our Victorian branches as the Senior Business Development Manager, where she works closely with owners and developers to provide a harmonious community living environment.

Phil Rogers, Senior Branch Manager, Hawthorn 

Phil Rogers has worked in the owners corporation industry for 12 years. As Branch Manager of the Hawthorn office, Phil is responsible for managing a dedicated and enthusiastic team of owners corporation professionals, and works closely with the executive management team of the PICA Group.

Phil has enjoyed success in running a large real estate sales office, magazine and book publishing and a 10-year banking career, which has provided him with the necessary skills to satisfy the needs of his owners corporation clients.


For information on our executive management team, visit the PICA Group website.