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Submit my proxy

Appointing a proxy

When a lot owner cannot attend meetings, they have the option of appointing a substitute representative by proxy. This allows owners to have their say in all circumstances.

But proxies need controls to ensure that the representation is valid and accurate. In Victoria, there is a prescribed proxy form which needs to be completed and submitted to your Body Corporate Services branch.

Download the prescribed Proxy Appointment Form (6.49kb)

Return complete proxy forms to your Body Corporate Services branch/office via the enquiry form below, or by fax or post.


Use of proxies for general meetings

  • Lot owners can appoint a trusted person as their representative at meetings, to vote in ballots or represent them on the committee. This person is your “proxy”
  • Notices of committee meetings must advise that a lot owner can appoint a proxy
  • To authorise a proxy, you must use the prescribed form and deliver it to the owners corporation secretary. If appointing a Power of Attorney as a proxy, you should attach a copy of the Power of Attorney
  • Proxies automatically lapse 12 months after the form is delivered to the secretary, unless an earlier date is specified
  • Proxies must act honestly and in good faith and exercise due care and diligence
  • Proxies cannot transfer the proxy to another person
  • A Lot owner can revoke the authorisation at any time and choose to vote on a certain issue or attend a meeting
  • It is illegal for someone to coerce a lot owner into making another person their proxy
  • Owners corporations must keep the copy of the proxy authorisation for 12 months.