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With community living becoming a lifestyle and investment norm across Australia, we have a dedicated products and innovations team who focus on making day-to-day living easier – allowing you to make payments, requests and submit forms from one centralised location.

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Payments & financials

Forms and applications

+ Request for keys

To request a key, swipe, fob or remote control for your scheme, simply complete the form below and click the submit button.

For all applicants:
You must be the lot owner or an authorised person by the lot owner for the scheme. If you are a tenant, you must provide supporting documentation that you have approval from the real estate/leasing agent or the lot owner before submitting the application.

Upon receipt of your application, your body corporate manager will inform you of the process in your particular scheme to obtain the access devices. In most instances, an issuing fee will apply. Your body corporate manager will advise you of the cost of the items you have requested.

You will be unable to collect your keys from our office until your request has been confirmed and your payment (if required) has been received.

Please note: The standard time frame between lodging your application and picking up the keys is two business days.

  • Contact details

  • Property details

  • Request details

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, zip.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

+ Request for repairs

The body corporate is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all common property within the scheme.

BCS provides our clients with a 24/7 service for common area maintenance for urgent and non-urgent repairs, as well as the convenience of being able to access contractor details anytime they require work completed within their own lot.

Non-urgent repairs:

Any non-urgent repairs to common property can be submitted directly to your BCS branch by filling and submitting the below work request for repairs form.

Urgent repairs:

To report urgent repairs to common property, call your local BCS branch during business hours.

For any urgent repairs to common property outside standard business hours, please contact our community after hours service on 1300 267 181, or alternatively 07 5582 6343.

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  • Property details

  • Job details

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, zip.
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+ Update my details

Are your contact details up to date on the body corporate roll?

All correspondence and notices are sent to owners at the address recorded on the body corporate roll. It is the responsibility of every owner to ensure that the details we have recorded are correct and to advise us as soon as possible of any changes.

To update your details:
If you wish to change your personal details in our system, such as a levy mailing address, notice mailing address, email address or any other contact details, then CommunityHub is the place to do it. Click here to access CommunityHub now or you can use the contact form below. To help us process the request efficiently, please provide as much information as possible.

+ Proxy appointment form

Appointing a proxy

When a lot owner cannot attend meetings, they have the option of appointing a substitute representative by proxy. This allows owners to have their say in all circumstances.

But proxies need controls to ensure that the representation is valid and accurate. In Queensland, there is a prescribed proxy form which needs to be completed and submitted to your Body Corporate Services branch.

Click here to download the prescribed Proxy Appointment Form

Return completed proxy forms to your Body Corporate Services branch/office via the enquiry form below, or by fax or post.

Use of proxies for general meetings

  • A proxy must be given in the approved form (BCCM Form 6: Proxy form for body corporate general meetings). The appointment of the proxy is only effective if the voter or holder of the proxy gives the approved form to the secretary before the start of the meeting, (or such earlier time fixed by the body corporate, however, this cannot be more than 24 hours before the meeting). The giving of the proxy may be by hand, by post or by fax.
  • The proxy holder may vote by show of hands at the meeting or by completing a written or electronic vote before the start of, or at, a general meeting.
  • Neither a body corporate manager, nor an associate of the original owner/developer or a body corporate manager can hold a proxy for a voter. (SM. S110(2))
  • If there are 20 or more lots in a scheme, a person cannot hold proxies for more than 5% of the lots, and if there are fewer than 20 lots in a scheme, a person can only hold one proxy.
  • A person who exercises a proxy for a voter or purports to vote on behalf of someone else at a general meeting without the right to do so, commits an offence liable to a fine in the Magistrates Court of a maximum of 100 penalty points ($7,500).
  • The body corporate may at a general meeting prohibit the use of proxies altogether or for particular motions. The motion to restrict or prohibit the use of proxies must be carried by special resolution (SM. S107). To vote on such a motion, votes by proxy are prohibited (SM. S109(3)(d)(i)).

While a member of the body corporate (the member) may appoint a person to act as their proxy (the proxy), there are a number of restrictions on their use. A proxy cannot be exercised:

  • if the member is present personally at the meeting, unless the member consents at the meeting;
  • on a motion, if the member has exercised a written or electronic vote on the motion;
  • on the election of, or for otherwise choosing a member of the committee;
  • on a vote to prohibit the use of proxies in any way at committee or general meetings;
  • on a vote to change the regulation module for the scheme;
  • on a vote decided by majority resolution;
  • on a vote to engage a body corporate manager or a service contractor or an amendment or termination of either engagement;
  • on a vote to authorise a person as a letting agent or an amendment or termination of the authorisation;
  • on a motion decided by secret ballot;
  • for general meeting of a principal scheme in a layered arrangement;
  • if the general meeting is called to fill a vacancy under SM. s38;
  • when a regulation provides that a proxy cannot be exercised for a particular vote.