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Queensland body corporate legislation

Queensland legislation updates:

22 April 2019: Amendments to state regulations around Tennis court maintenance and repair

Does your body corporate have a tennis court or another sporting court? Effective from the 22 April this year, there have been amendments within the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) namely the Structural Landscaping Licences Amendment Regulation 2019 which may impact you.

1 May 2019: Requirements for fire sprinklers in class 2 & 3 buildings to ensure fire safety and compliance

Effective from 1 May 2019, the NCC 2019 was adopted by all Australian states and territories. It covers topics across fire safety, energy efficiency and sustainability, plumbing requirements and acceptable construction practices (ACPs) among others. If your building is using a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) pathway for compliance, you should ensure a fire sprinkler system is in place. As part of these requirements, two new types of fire sprinkler systems have been introduced. You can also avail concessions for additional fire safety features afforded by these fire sprinkler systems.

3 May 2019: Amendments to standard plumbing and drainage regulation 2019 

Queensland government has amended the standard plumbing and drainage regulation 2019 which is effective from 3 May 2019. If your body corporate is planning to undertake scheduled maintenance or repair work, they should make sure to be complaint with the legislation and new regulations.

31 July 2019: Stage 2 cladding compliance deadline extended

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has identified 4300 buildings in QLD with potential cladding threat. If your building is among these, you should make sure to complete stage two of the compliance process by 31 July 2019. Stage two compliance means you should engage licensed professional such as an engineer or architect to assess the threat and register your details along with the completed combustible cladding checklist on the ‘Safer Buildings’ website. The two-month extension from the original deadline of 29 May 2019 allows bodies corporate some more time to complete their cladding compliance.

31 October 2019: Stage 3a cladding compliance deadline extended

To ensure bodies corporate have the necessary time to complete cladding and fire-safety inspection, the Queensland government has also extended the deadline for Part 3a of the cladding compliance. This means bodies corporate should engage a qualified fire engineer to conduct a fire-safety assessment and register their details on the combustible cladding checklist online by 31 October 2019 instead of the original deadline of 27 August 2019.